Common Place Family Learning Center of Peoria, Illinois

Common Place Family Learning Center . . .

Focused on educational achievement for all since 1967.


At Common Place, families and individuals are supported through adult GED and academic enrichment classes teaching reading, math, and science.

Our goal is to prepare individuals to succeed academically, become involved in their community, and, above all, find meaningful and life sustaining employment.

At Common Place Family Learning Center, we embrace diversity and improve lives through education and family support 

Common Place After School Youth Programs serve Kindergarten through 8th Grade young people Monday through Friday.   After School Youth Program offers academic assistance with homework and enrichment activities, life skills opportunities, and cultural enrichment with the goal of creating “active learners”, building self-esteem, and achieving success in school. Each weekend, Saturday Morning Free Tutoring supports all grade levels K-12 with one to one, enhanced tutoring.

Common Place Adult Literacy programs help adults to attain or improve reading, writing, and math skills and acquire the self-confidence needed to obtain employment.  Volunteer tutors serve adults of all ages 18 – 82; each tutor providing the same enthusiasm for education matched by the belief that each adult student will find success.

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Quick Facts
These are what we are working to change
Men living below the hill have a life-span of 10 fewer years than young men growing up in any other part of Peoria.
More than 36 million adults in the United States struggle to read.
Children with low-literate parents have a 72 percent chance of being at the lowest literacy level.
Low-literacy costs more than $225 billion annually due to unemployment.
$230 billion a year in health-care costs is linked to low adult literacy skills.
Every year, one in three young adults drop out of high school.