GED Prep and Testing

“Without Common Place to guide me or ‘be there’ when my children have struggled in school, I don’t know what I’d do.  I rely on the After School Youth Program for my kids and the Adult Literacy Program support for myself.  My goal is to earn my GED and make certain that my children graduate!”

Can you imagine how you’d feel if you couldn’t read:

To your child or help him/her with homework?
Street signs or maps?
Job ads or job application forms?
Directions on labels?

Today, scores of non-readers from the more than 45,000 adults with literacy challenges in the Peoria area are learning to read at COMMON PLACE, thus increasing their changes for a job or improved quality of life.
Various opportunities are available to help adults learn:

  • Adult reading and writing classes with an individual tutor or in small groups
  • Math classes
  • Pre-GED Study
  • Supplemental computer-assisted instruction
  • Peoria Reads! and other special interest activities