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About Us

Since 1967, Common Place Family Learning Center has worked on the center south side of Peoria, Illinois, to eliminate the root causes of poverty, racism, and injustice through education.

Adult Programs

  • Began in 1979. First adult literacy program in Peoria.
  • The average adult learner who enters Common Place's literacy program has completed 8th grade but has a 4th grade reading level.
  • Over 4,000 adults have received help through one-on-one tutoring and small group classes for reading, writing, math and life skills.

Youth Programs

  • When children have parents with low reading levels, they are 5 to 6 times as likely to drop out of school before reaching a level that will enable them to function effectively in society.
  • Over 1,800 children have received after school homework help and enrichment programs for grades K - 12.
  • Each year our Summer Work Study Programs serve 95 area low-income and educationally at-risk children ages 8 - 15 years. Summer Tutoring is provided for grades K - 12.

Community Programs

  • Emergency Food Pantry - nearly 1,000 individuals served yearly.

Vision Statement

Working primarily on the South Side of Peoria, COMMON PLACE

  • encourages individuals and families to value education and offers educational opportunities;

  • promotes training and the development of job skills needed for employment that enables individuals and families to be financially self-sufficient;

  • promotes neighborhood leadership and redevelopment, including a safe environment and increased home ownership;

  • provides awareness of the needs of others and opportunities for churches, individuals, organizations, and corporations to channel their love and concern through sharing of resources;

  • encourages human understanding and inclusiveness of race, culture, age, gender, and economic situations;

  • recognizes the needs of others and advocates for those in need.


Common Place Family Learning Center
514 S. Shelley Street, Peoria, IL. 61605
(309) 674-3315 - Phone    (309) 674-0627 - Fax

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